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About Us.

"For us what makes marble and bronze a compelling medium to work with is its long endurance, diversity, and its beauty." by


As artists and craftsmen, we are here to help you maintain the beauty and originality of your architectural and sculptural art, including statues, ornamental decorations and furnishings, fireplaces, fountains, and many more. Today we continue to work diligently on our craft so that your product can last for years.

As marble and bronze artists and craftsmen we work as a team or offer our services individually.  

You can see samples of our work and a detailed list of our services on our website. We know that you will surely be impressed! 


We are known especially for our technique in marble sculpture reconstruction, which we have been spending years perfecting. Using a blend of traditional and contemporary techniques we will do our best to maintain the product's beauty.


"It delights us when a piece of marble or bronze changes before your very eyes from a piece of stone or metal into a thing of soul and history."


We will help you restore your marble or bronze piece to its original beauty. Our procedure will ensure that you have a pristine appearance that will set you apart from the rest.

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