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How To Clean a

Marble Water fountain

Fountain care should not take more than a couple of hours every two months to prevent the build up of algae and mineral deposits. Water pumps should always be inspected and kept clean, same rules apply to the pedestal and water bowls of your marble fountain.


First of all read the instructions that come with your fountain, if available. If you don't have one, call the manufacturer to inquire about special cleaning methods that may be required for your specific fountain. (If you are going to hire someone to clean your fountain give him/them the cleaning methods the fountain manufacturer has send you.  If the instructions given to you by the manufacture are not the same as the ones in this intrusion do not follow these steps!)


  1. Unplug the fountain pump.

  2. Drain the water from the fountain. Use the fountain's drain plug, if there is one, or pump it into a bucket with your fountain's pump and a long piece of tubing.

  3. Remove any debris that is left inside, such as twigs, leaves, grass or bugs.

  4. Wipe the fountain surfaces thoroughly with a rag, using an old, soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub detailed areas or algae spots and mineral deposits. A mild soap may be used to remove stubborn algae growth or discoloration caused by dirt and mud. For mineral deposits a Calcium Lime Remover may be used.(Ask your manufactures before using one).

  5. Rinse the fountain surface with a hose.

  6. Pull the cover off the fountain pump and remove any debris that may be trapped inside. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on opening the pump before taking it apart and then soak the elements in a vinegar solution. This helps to break down any mineral deposits. In hard water areas you may need to clean the pump twice a month but once a month is generally sufficient in soft water areas. A well maintained pump should last for a few years. Maintaining the right water level in your fountain will protect your pump from burning out. It’s a good idea to check the water level daily. Generally it’s better to add a small amount of water each day rather than a large amount every few days.

  7. Wipe the inside and outside of the fountain pump and replace the cover.

Perform any extra steps that may be recommended in your fountain instruction manual.

Re-fill the fountain with water, adding water treatments to prevent algae and mineral deposits as directed on the bottles. (Algae grow fastest in bright light so it may be a good idea to buy a commercial algaecide, ask your manufacture for the best one for your fountain.) The water should be changed every month to help prevent algae build up and no less than every four months. Make sure to keep pets and children away from treated water.

Winter Fountain Maintenace & Care

It’s a good idea to store your fountain inside during the coldest months of the year. If you can’t do this drain your fountain completely and cover the fountain with a waterproof cover, blanket or wrap for the winter. The fountain should be completely covered! Do not allow water to freeze in the pump, lines, pool or bowls.

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